If you or your spouse didn't grow up with a cuckoo you could hear at night,
this sometimes causes a problem for your partner..  I don't normally put in
new movements, but in these cases cuckoo lovers can get some sleep and
enjoy their beloved cuckoos.  I can put a new manual shut off movement in
almost any 1 or 8 day cuckoo clock case.  I use your bellows, replace their
fabric with synthetic and the clock sounds just the same as it did 50 years
ago.  The installed price of a Manual Shut Off AND servicing your music
box if you have one and re-covering your bellows with synthetic fabric is


$325  for a Manual Shut Off on any 1 & 8 day clock which includes FREE
return shipping with delivery confirmation and tracking.
New Service by Popular Demand

Manual Night Shut offs Available
for 1 or 8 day cuckoo clocks!

Rare AUTOMATIC Night Shut off
for 8 day clocks.
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