Other Services  & Countries We Repair Clocks From

About 95% of my business is cuckoo clock repairs from internet
customers and clock shops that don't repair cuckoos.  

Although I still do mechanical watch repairs and clock repairs for friends
and family, and sometimes their friends and family, I've moved my focus
to my passion of repairing your treasured cuckoo clocks.  Some of them
are worth a lot, but most would only bring a small price.

However, the sentimental value attached to these clocks makes them
priceless.  Hardly a day goes by when I hear from a customer that a clock
their father or brother brought home after WWII was in need of repair
and they couldn't find anyone to repair it.

We gladly service clocks from Canada.  The shipping is only slightly more
for you and from what I've heard from my customers in Canada there is
a high demand for cuckoo clock repair there.  Because of that,  the prices
and quotes for repairs in Canada easily reach $400-500 C.  With the U.S.
and Canadian dollars being roughly par, you can save a lot by sending
your cuckoo south for a little while.  I'll take good care of you and your
clock and you can save a lot of money in the process.  I simply weigh
your packed clock when I receive it and I can generate you a PayPal
invoice with the repair price and shipping included.  You simply log on to
PayPal and whether or not you have an account with them, you can
charge the items to your account or your credit card.  There is no
additional hassle to convert funds.  I'm sorry I don't speak French, but I
get cuckoos and questions about cuckoos from all over the world.  Don't
let a little language barrier stop you from saving money.
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The Cuckoo Clock Doctor
My Granddaughters say, "If your cuckoo is sick, our Papa will make it tick"!
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