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Cuckoo Clock Doctor
The Cuckoo Clock Doctor
Bringing Cuckoos Back From Extinction, One Clock at a Time!
My Granddaughters say, "If your cuckoo is sick, our Papa will make it tick"!
Whether your cuckoo clock has been silent for 50 years or its brand new and the cat pulled it
off the wall,  finding a clock shop that will repair it
and repair it correctly can be very
frustrating.  Most clock shops won't take in cuckoos because they are more complicated and
time consuming.  When they do take them in they will replace your old original
movement and bellows with new ones
and tell you it doesn't matter or that it's even better
for the clock and more economical for you
.  This saves them time and they will just add the
cost of the new parts to their labor. Your o
riginal bellows tops, whistle pipes and movements
wind up on eBay.  Replacing any of the original components to your clock will devalue it
as well creating what is known in the clock world as a "Married Piece" or meaning a case
married to a non original clock movement.  In most cases the older clock movements are of
far better quality and it's easy to spot the difference between a clock's original movement and
a new replacement.

Don't fall for the latest scam.  There are some people advertising to oil and adjust your clock
for a low price.  If that is all your clock needs, save the shipping and just ask me.  The
gimmick price is
always a guaranteed loser because you will be charged for any and
everything else that they can get away with.
I don't work that way.  My workshop is tooled up for just cuckoos
and I have many years
experience and a great passion for them
. Cuckoo clocks are time consuming because you
have to remove the
ir whistle pipes and bellows "the coo coo whistles", wires, the bird,
weights, chains, and music box just to get to the
clock's movement.  These components are
all crammed into
it's case and their adjustment is critical.  That is where  my experience with
cuckoos pays off.  

Now, here is the rub.  Generally old cuckoos have deteriorated fabric on the bellows causing
the whistles not to work without an airtight fit.  I replace the fabric on the bellows
with new
synthetic material or leather
if needed.  I won't try to sell you new whistle pipes or new
tops unless it is absolutely necessary as yours are damaged beyond repair , I will
the originals.  While your clock is apart I will clean it's wooden case and treat in to a
lemon oil bath which will make the wood it is made from look absolutely stunning once again
and help it to not be dry and brittle.  
The same applies to your clock's movement.  I totally
disassemble your movement and clean it ultrasonically.  I polish all the pivots and check the
front and back plates for wear.  I will put as many bushings, (bearings in the plates that the
wheels rotate on) in the plates as your clock's movement needs to make it in essence brand
again.  Before I put it back in the clock, I will run your movement for 1 week on a test
stand connected to a computer
.  It will count every tick and every strike of the clock, and
spot problems if any.  After
this test, I reassemble your clock into it's case with all it's
and then I will run the clock on our test wall for an additional two weeks to
make sure it is running and performing perfectly
before shipping it safely back to you with a
one year warranty.
 I will include full instructions on setting up your clock.  Your clock should
give you another couple of decades of faithful service and enjoyment before developing
enough mechanical wear to need another overhaul.
John "Papa" Barnette is the Cuckoo Clock Doctor
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